Indicators of the state of the commercial real estate market, Ufa, November, 2018
Commercial real estate Retail Office
The average selling price, ruble per 1 sq.m. 134 000 rub 67 000 rub
Average rent rates, ruble per 1 sq.m. 1 300 rub 600 rub
Status indicators the residential real estate market
Residential real estate Primary Secondary
The avarege selling price, ruble per 1 sq.m. 57 000 rub 63 000 rub

Commercial real estate of Ufa. Office rental.

The company "GrandInvest" offers commercial real estate services, namely office sales and office rentals, commercial space for retail facilities on the ground floors of houses in any area of Ufa city, from 10 to 100 sq.m.

We also offer an extensive database of commercial real estate on the ground floors with ready rental business in Ufa. The tenements are located on the red lines, being repaired, having separate entrances, separate bathrooms and a fire alarm system. The objects both have favorable rents and are sold at affordable prices.

The investment project group "GrandInvest" offers services in selecting properties for personal business in accordance with all the necessary parameters. The provision of service in investment projects involves various options of investing money in real estate.

Investments in real estate is the direction our company has great experience in and we are ready to provide high quality service. When contacting "GrandInvest" you get a guarantee for the transaction to be as soon as possible carried out in full accordance with effective legislation, at the best price and in your most comfortable atmosphere. Just call us or post your question on the site.

Sale of ready rental business

After having bought ready-rental business you can resell it at a big profit some time later. The price of the square meter of real estate in Ufa is growing so fast that you can make a fortune just in a few years.

Long-term lease of non-residential tenements in Ufa

As a rule the term of lease of non-residential tenements is a year and the contract is extended annually if there is a need. The period for renting the space may be different and each case is negotiated individually.

Office rental in Ufa. The rent

Our site makes it easy for you to review the prices for commercial real estate in Ufa.

You will find up-to-date information only about the property on"GrandInvest” site. If you have not found suitable property on the website, please call or email us. Our specialists will help you choose space in Ufa in accordance with your requirements as soon as possible.


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