Business or business from scratch in Ufa

Depending on customer’s needs, ‘GrandInvest’ investment project group renders services in complex. Starting from the selection of commercial real estate object in accordance with the necessary parameters - district, size, price, the presence of the ‘red line’ (transport and pedestrian accessibility) and the like, followed by the development plan of the investment attractiveness of the real estate object.

Selection of commercial real estate objects in accordance with the region, area, object value, presence of ‘red lines’ etc.

Подбор квартир для перевода в нежилой фонд


- Creation of the project of redevelopment of the commercial premises, in accordance with the type of activity

- Obtaining all permits and approvals

Перевод в нежилой фонд


Repair works

Реконструкция и ремонтные работы


Starting the business:

- Licensing the certain types of activities

- Registration of the property

- Procurement of necessary equipment

- Staff recruitment

- Opening of the business

Открытие бизнеса