Selection of property for tenants of ‘GrandInvest’

Location of the commercial premises is one of the most important criteria of business success. A lot of companies face with problems of selection of commercial property for offices, shops, because of the absence of some important criteria, for example, the discrepancy of the premises in a particular district, the lack of Parking space, inappropriate room parameters for a particular activity. ‘GrandInvest’ offers their client a unique service called an ‘individual choice of commercial property with subsequent long-term leasing’ in accordance with individual needs of the tenant

Choosing the region of the city:
- in accordance with the customer's needs
- in accordance with the specifics of the company

Аренда офиса


In the case of absence of proposals, the formation of new commercial real estate objects, in accordance with individual needs of the tenant

Подбор недвижимости для перевода в нежилой фонд


- Creation of the project of redevelopment of the commercial premises

- Obtaining all permits and approvals

Перевод в нежилой фонд


Repair works in accordance with individual needs of the tenant

Реконструкция и ремонтные работы


Registration the commercial premises for a long-term rent

Аренда, продажа недвижимости