Property management with ‘GrandInvest’

‘GrandInvest’ company offers a full complex of services in the field of commercial real estate management at any stage of the life cycle of an object:

  1. Search and selection of objects of the commercial real estate;
  2. Search, selection and maintenance of tenants;
  3. Control over payments to utility services;
  4. Settlement of the emerging issues, both with tenants and other persons (Public services).

And also we render services on re-conception of the existing activity to raise the market value of the object and reduction расходов. Using our services, you can increase your current income and the cost of the object, and raise its liquidity.

Increase of investment appeal of object of the real estate starts with the definition of the expected result, which plans to get the owner of ownership of commercial real estate.

Increase of investment attractiveness - is a set of measures on change of qualitative characteristics of the existing property, reorientation of activity aimed at obtaining the owner of the maximum income from the use of real estate, including restrictions on the cost, time and risk.

Steps to improve the investment attractiveness of the real estate property:

1. Analysis of existing indicators of the property

- analysis of the sphere of activity and profitability in the area;

- analysis of competitors;

- analysis of consumer preferences;

- analysis of the transport and pedestrian accessibility;

- prospects of development;

Analiz Suschestvuyuschikh Pokazateley Obe-Ta Ned-Ti


2. Definition of the purposes, inspection of the technical capabilities of object of the real estate

Opredelenie Tseley 2


3. Calculation of financial indicators

Raschet Finansovykh Pokazateley


4. Engineering survey

Provedenie Inzhenernykh Izyskany


5. Projection



6. Coordination of the project in the state bodies

Soglasovanie Proekta V Gos Instantsiakh


7. Obtaining a permit for construction or reconstruction

Poluchenie Razreshenia Na Stroitelstvo


8. Reconstruction and repair works

Rekonstruktsia I Remontnye Raboty


9. Start-up

Vvod Obekta V Expluatatsiyu


10. Renting or selling real estate

Sdacha V Arendu Libo Prodazha Ned-Ti

Our goal is to help the client to design and implement a quality product on the market, meeting all the requirements to the maximum extent. The ‘GrandInvest’ Investment project group has significant experience in the implementation of successful projects, which allows creating effective commercial real estate objects that form the infrastructure and provides development of the business.